Same-Day/CadCam Crowns

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Same-Day/CadCam Crowns

At Wychwood Dental, just one dental appointment is required to finish a same-day crown, sometimes referred to as a CadCam crown or a chairside crown. Thanks to the latest in technology, the dental crowns procedure has been revolutionized, offering patients several advantages over conventional crowns.


Convenience is one of the key advantages of same-day crowns. Traditional crowns need at least two dental visits: one for the preliminary examination and planning and another for the actual crown implantation. Same-day crowns allow the procedure to be finished in a single visit, saving patients' time and trouble. Another benefit of CadCam crowns is there is no need for a temporary crown where you have to be so careful that it doesn’t fall out. Those with hectic schedules or those who live far from our Wychwood Dental office on St. Clair West will find this to be especially helpful.

Improved Accuracy

The increased accuracy of the restoration is a further advantage of same-day crowns. At Wychwood Dental, we have vastly improved the accuracy of CadCam crowns, thanks again to technology. Our dentists make a digital impression of the tooth, with CAD and CAM technology used to mill the crown right at our St. Clair West dental office. As a result, there is a better fit, which lowers the possibility of issues like decay or sensitivity.

Faster Treatments

Same-day crowns at Wychwood Dental require less time for treatment. Same-day crowns can be created and fitted in a single visit, as opposed to traditional crowns, which can take several weeks. This can be extremely helpful for patients who have a dental emergency.

They Look Better!

Traditional crowns lack the aesthetic appeal of same-day crowns. Traditional crowns may not match the original tooth's colour and form, giving the tooth an unattractive contrast in appearance. Instead, our Wychwood Dental dentists create same-day crowns from premium, tooth-colored ceramic material that closely resembles the look of real teeth. This provides a more natural-looking repair, making them almost impossible to tell apart from actual teeth.

Enhanced Durability

CadCam crowns outlast conventional crowns in terms of durability. Traditional crowns are frequently made of porcelain and metal, both of which are prone to breaking or chipping over time. Contrarily, same-day crowns are created from high-strength ceramic material that is more durable and provides a longer-lasting restoration.

Saves Patients $$

Last but not least, same-day crowns are less expensive than conventional crowns. Traditional crowns need at least two dental appointments and dental laboratory costs can mount. Instead, CadCam crowns are finished in only one appointment and are often less expensive than conventional crowns.

If you are a patient in need of a crown or would like more information as to how same-day crowns work, please contact our Wychwood Dental office at (416) 653-6004 or book an appointment here.