How Wychwood Dental Helped A Client Tackle Discolouration Of The Teeth

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In the field of dentistry, there is an ever-increasing demand for a perfect set of pearly whites. Often a lack of care, an unhealthy diet, or an accident causes damage to a person’s teeth which requires continual procedures to bring back a smile that they cherish and are confident about.

At Wychwood Dental, we work with a wide range of clients whose dental requirements range from routine cleaning to more complex procedures. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client struggling with discoloration.

The Challenge: Constant discoloration of the bonding of the two front teeth.

Not too long ago, we were approached by a thirty-eight-year-old male who sought our help to tackle an issue he had been continually facing for a couple of years. The patient had broken his front two teeth many years ago while playing hockey but had a procedure carried out to save his smile. Unfortunately, the client needed to have the bonding replaced almost on a yearly basis due to the recurrent staining. The staining was a result of the patient’s diet, which included coffee, tea, wine, etc.

As the client’s chief complaint was the constant discoloration of the bonding on his two front teeth, we took into consideration the aesthetic concerns of the patient, as well as the functional concerns.

After a thorough understanding of our client’s case, we presented the patient with two different treatment options that would not look good but also last.

The Solution: Custom-made porcelain veneers.

The first option was to redo the bonding and hope for a more extended period before the staining returned based on a couple of our suggestions. The second option was using porcelain veneers that would conserve as much tooth structure as possible.

The patient chose porcelain veneers as his treatment of choice.

To help the client get a better picture of what the veneers would look like, we took diagnostic impressions and had the lab wax up replicas. We did this as the patient also chose to include the two teeth (lateral incisors) next to the front teeth to improve the alignment and symmetry of his teeth.

We also had the patient bleach his teeth over the course of four weeks to bring the overall brightness of his teeth up.

Two of the biggest challenges we face while working with porcelain veneers is matching a client’s shade of teeth and making the veneers. However, we work with an excellent lab located close by so that patients can visit the lab for a custom shade appointment to match the color of their natural teeth.

Moreover, as temporary veneers are hard to make and even harder to stay cemented, we utilize a shrink-wrap technique that locks the temporaries in place until we are ready to insert the permanent set.

For this particular client, the entire treatment took seven weeks to complete, including the four weeks of bleaching.

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The Bottom Line

As leading cosmetic dentists and family dentists in Toronto, ON, Dr. Matthew Laski and Dr. Kojo Lamptey of Wychwood Dental have been serving the neighborhoods of Wychwood Park, Humewood-Cedarvale, and the rest of the GTA for over twenty-five years. We’re a comprehensive general dental practice with a focus on the restorative and periodontal health of our patients and are always open to helping you with any dental issues you face.

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